Why quizMe?


Why quizMe?

There are a ton of online flashcard apps out there.
Many offer massive piles of flashcards and different study tools.
But most of them were clunky to use, overly complicated, and didn’t help users do what they want to do.
Let me learn something quickly and retain it forever.

Seeing this massive need for a flashcard app that was simple and easy to use - while also providing a great user experience - is what got us motivated to build quizMe.

Keep it simple

Liscio - part of our company name - means “simple” in Italian. And simple is a philosophy we try to apply everywhere we look. When it comes to memorizing multiplication tables, learning a new language, or studying for an exam - often the approach is very scattershot. But we also knew there was proven science about memorization out there - Spaced Repition - that provides a smart algorithm for learning.

But dwelling on Spaced Repetition and designing an over-complicated app goes against our “liscio” roots. What if we could instead make the learning experience fun and enjoyable. All while in the background using machine learning and spaced repetition to alert you when it was time to study.

Those concepts came together and quizMe - the simple online flashcard app - was born.

In future posts, we’ll dive deep into what Spaced Repetition means. We’ll also talk about our plans for making quizMe the number one place to learn anything. And when we’re feeling ambitious: how we could build a community of learners.

For now, as we launch our beta version this month, we are looking for any and all feedback we can listen to about what would make quizMe great for you. If you came here looking for a flashcard app, we hope you leave having found a little bit more. However, if you find something is lacking or have a great idea, please reach out to support@liscioapps.com.

We’re quick to respond and would love to hear from you.